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Another remuneration tracker website, ITcareerfinder, lists a median DBA salary of $58,000. Demand for database administrators is projected to grow at 15% annually for the next 10 years, so DBA job-growth is also more or less assured. In fact, the magazine US News ranked database administrator sixth in its top 10 list of Best Technology Jobs. As mentioned above, getting a professional software degree will help you become a DBA. But if you can’t afford a 4-year software degree or don’t have much time to get graduated? In this case, you can go for certification-based training in a similar field. If you’ve chosen to dive in and look for a specialized certification, your next step is to discover a program that is suitable for your ability level, eagerness to learn, and career desires.

Data Lakes and SQL: A Match Made in Data Heaven – KDnuggets

Data Lakes and SQL: A Match Made in Data Heaven.

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In this article, I am going to share 5 free Oracle and SQL server courses you can take online to learn these technologies or improve your knowledge. Yes, we offer training discounts to each group, batch, referral, and trainer-led head to head training for the students enrolling in our SQL DBA Online Course. Get any of the other self-paced courses for free with the course that you enroll in our training program like SQL DBA. So, by joining this platform you can learn two technologies in parallel. The SQL DBA Course from IT Guru will help you to get practical knowledge of SQL Server with real-time examples and regular support.

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I am working in IT Support from last 3 years.now i want to learn database and become DBA. The Link “your road to becoming DBA” has really inspired me like you. If I need any further Clarifications about this DBA career, You Have to support me. I am inside sales rep with technical bend of mind and desire to learn something new. I am type of person who needs lot of motivation from others to do something. Before reading your blog , i didn’t even knew you existed because i never read about DB or SQL before. But after all the replies above, i realized this is one of the best website/community i have come across where you actually get reply to your questions.

Some databases are even split among multiple servers in so-called ‘distributed setups.’ Some databases can get so complex that they need a DBA who focuses solely on performance improvement. However, for smaller, single-company databases a non-specialist DBA is usually sufficient. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree or you want advanced database skills, it will be better to enroll in the training. DBAs, or database administrators, are experts in charge of the performance and security of a growing number of database formats, ranging from relational to in-memory to NoSQL. These databases provide the technological underpinning for digital commercial operations such as e-commerce, mobile computing, and social networking. Cloud vendors now provide fully managed database services, which take over many of the day-to-day responsibilities of an organization’s in-house DBAs.

DBA Career Paths: Development DBA or Production DBA?

You might have worked closely with a DBA or had to do some database-related tasks . One place to look for database administrator roles is the job site Jooble.

DTS packages were developed to receive transaction files from remote FTP sites and import ATM transactions into how to become a sql server dba tables. SQL Reporting service was used to build and manage a variety of financial reports. During my stay at EastCom, we administer 30 SQL 2000 instances and cover most of the SQL administration areas. Design and tune the databases, high availability and disaster recovery methods by gathering SLA’s, acceptable downtime etc.

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In the past five years, more than 50 percent of healthcare companies have reported a data breach. Furthermore, according to research, a data breach in the private healthcare sector costs an average of $9.23 million. An indoor navigation app or a system provides a user’s geographical location and directions inside buildings.

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