The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Cybersecurity Part 2

They’re responsible for designing and implementing measures that aim to thwart potential threats in cyberspace. Security architects are the individuals tasked with the security of the information technology infrastructure (or one portion of said infrastructure) for an organization. Security architects engineer organization-wide security solutions meant to shore up weak points and future proof technologies. At their core, security architect jobs are essentially senior security engineers that often hold leadership positions.

The job postings for this role don’t require as much education as others – 19% of cybersecurity specialist postings require less than a bachelor’s degree, which is higher than more advanced job titles. This is another top paying cyber security job that can serve as a lucrative career option. An information security analyst performs tasks that can mitigate the chances of unlawful use of data, unauthorized access, information breach, cyberattacks, and so on.

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Information security analysts may also pose as cybercriminals and simulate a cyberattack to check the organization’s cybber security system’s robustness. This skews the median income downwards slightly, but their role isn’t diminished by SMB involvement. In fact, it’s nearly always expanded as CISOs in smaller companies wear many hats.

Cybersecurity engineers engaged with creating and executing secure network solutions. They need to skilled up with security engineering functions to move to the next level. Due to the sought after in the required workforce, companies tend to value in-depth knowledge and experience of those IT practitioners. A network security engineer is responsible for network and security-related hardware and software, including firewalls, routers, virtual private networks and more.

Best Cyber Security Jobs

They can earn up to $150k per year depending on experience and the size of their organization. If you are looking for a top paying IT security job, you can assume the role of a Chief Information Officer, which is a senior post. A CIO looks after an organization’s security policy development and implementation. They have to provide technical leadership guidance to the applications security team while documenting all the security controls being put to use. They are also responsible for framing solutions that can address the weaknesses in the cyber security structure.

  • Investigating cyber attacks also includes finding the point of breach, which means you’re also up for recommending preventive measures against the same security risk.
  • A Penetration Tester must have a complete and intimate working knowledge of existing systems.
  • While a security solutions engineer handles the day-to-day tasks of reviewing current architecture and spearheading improvements, a Software Security Architect plans them from the ground up.
  • Whether your skills are used to stop hacking, detect ransomware, stop debit card fraud, or high-level government hacking, your impact as a cybersecurity professional can have a lasting impact on society.
  • CyberSeek data is constantly updated, so come back often to find new skills or certifications you can add to your repertoire to make yourself a more attractive job candidate.

Penetration testers simulate attacks that will help find the weaknesses that can easily be breached in a particular system. This involves the usage of penetration tools, and even the design of a new one, to conduct experiments. According to Statista, the average cost of data breaches in 2020 is $3.86 million, which is a 1.5% decline from $3.92 million in 2019. What’s more, the cost of data breaches was highest in 2016, amounting to $4 million U.S dollars.

Highest Paying Jobs in Cyber Security & What They Offer

After a two to a four-year stint in the military, a police job may be in order. Those who take and stick with low-level jobs rarely advance far beyond them. The minimum educational level of a CISO is a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, or IT Management and Project Management. As an executive-level position, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) may also be required. A chief information security officer (CISO) is an executive who is in charge of a company’s information and data security. In the last few years, a CISO has taken a more expansive role in their workplace.

Then, once you’ve graduated, be sure to put in the effort necessary to maintain these relationships. Having contacts like these can be helpful not only to uncover employment opportunities after graduation but to stay up-to-date on evolving industry trends throughout your career, as well. Depending on their experience level, security directors can make up to $156,000. Experience is necessary to be a good malware analyst as it helps establish good judgment in designing plans that aim to restore systems to a good state. In addition, malware analysts are preferably well communicators to accurately report the details of the cyber attack and the ways to mitigate it. A CISO is tasked with leading teams in setting up both preventive and defensive measures against potential threats in the industry.

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You’re also responsible for providing guidance to effectively address security weaknesses. Cyber threats will only continue to advance and become more complex with the introduction of new technology. Hence, some solutions and preventive measures that work 36 Clever Riddles Fun, Hard and IMPOSSIBLE! today might not be as effective in the future. 2023’s cybersecurity space saw an increase in black hat attacks that involve advanced threats like ransomware, Internet-of-Things (IoT) vulnerabilities, and those driven by artificial intelligence (AI).


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