The Metering Cubicles Manufacturers and its Specifications

The metering cubicles shall be installed electrically in between the incoming supply point and the step-down transformer of the consumer’s installation.

The general arrangement of the cabinet can be done according to your approved specification. Meter cubical is an energy meter it consists of CT and PT.

We have Metering Cubicles as per customer specifications. The 11/22/33KV HT Metering Cubicles is suitable for 3 phase 4 wire indoor installation.  It consists of 3 single-phase epoxy resin cast CT’s and 3 numbers of epoxy resin cast PT’s and C.T ratio; 10/5 amp-100/5Amp

Shree Engineering is metering cubicles and electrical goods manufacturers in Pune.


HTCT – 6.KV, 11KV 22KV and 33KV CT

PT – 6.6KV, 11KV, 22KV and 33KV PT

TERNIMAL-11/22/33KV HT Metering cubicle terminal

LTCT   – 3Phase 100/5 A to 2000/5 A CT

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