Metering Panel

Metering Panel and It’s Features.

Metering panels are nothing but control panel, which are very important for not only for domestic as but also for industrial purposes. It used for the measurement of amount of power used up and the rate of power consumption.

      These metering panels or motor loads will be fitted in to the different parts of the factory. It helps in distribution of power from one place through the motor starter which is fitted in panel .It is fully protected .We can start these motors from remote positions also. Our wide range of power control centers can be used to distribute power to different parts of building or industry. It helps in controlling power supply.

          These industrial metering panels comes with auto sensing and intelligence technologies for making its work more efficient as well as reliable.

Features of metering panel:

  • Easily affordable price ranges
  • Supremely constructed
  • Conveniently installed
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Range of utility
  • Solid construction
  • Can easily operated
  • Superb material quality

Product Description LT metering panel:

  • Its measures energy consumption.
  • It is used for safety locking as well as for other arrangement to much unauthorized usage.
  • It is centralized one unit, which provides protection to the metering and connection.
  • Its Outdoor or Indoor application.

We have designed our Metering Panel specifically for all types of CT current ratio. Its most prominent feature is easy access for connecting inward and outward cable.   They are easy to install as well as they are easy to operate. We manufacture panels in a wide range of specifications for meeting their exact needs of our clients. We manufacture the panels only by using best quality materials according to safety standards.

LT Control Panel   first receives the main power supply from Generator or transformer and then distributes the same to other various electronic devices as well as to distribution boards.  Protective switch gears helps to control and monitor the mains supply from a centralized location.

We can provide you wide meter panels, which are available in different models to suit the certain requirements of the customers. To provide customer best service, we offer you customized products options according to your expectations. Meter panels are corrosion proof, have high performance, resist heat and are well known for their solid construction.


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