Load Break Switch

Load Break Switch

A load break switch is a disunite switch that is considered to provide the making or breaking of specified currents. The current monitoring in the Load break switch is done by mechanically moving their contacts with a proper speed in order to either make (close) or break (open) the current. It is open to mechanical, thermal and dielectric stresses during the switching operation.

The switch that has been designed to provide making or breaking of specified currents is called a load break switch.

The specific current is obtained by adding equipment that increases the operating speed of the disconnect switchblades.


In simple words, it’s nothing but its switch that changes voltages within the range of 1000 volts to 33-kilo volts.

We can replace two-pole with a load break switch.

2-pole structure can’t protect transformer whereas LbS can protect the transformer.



* It is compatibly cheaper than 2 pole structure.

* LBS is way safer.

* It protects the transformer.

IT’S easy to use. You can easily switch on and switch off the supply.

Load break switch works on spring mechanics for switching ON and switching off the supply. There is also the option of the vacuum circuit breaker. However, this option is a little bit costlier. However, you can select with a circuit breaker of your choice. A vacuum circuit breaker is a more trustworthy option.

Fuse protection is provided with a load break switch with spring mechanics. But in the case of a vacuum breaker, you just need to turn on the breaker.

The load break switch also comes with Earth Switch, it helps in grounding the charges, which are there even after the switch is turned off.

We Shree Engineering is in service since 2005 with a vision to offer customers a wide range of electrical goods used in industrial as well as in domestic areas. With ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, we have reached heights to deliver high-quality Feeder Pillars, Control Panels, Synchronizing Panels, Metering Box, Metering Cubicles, Load Brake Switch, to Maharashtra State Electricity Department Limited and other land giants in and around Pune.

Our organization has been constant in manufacturing, supplying and wholesaling a premium quality range of Load Break Switch.

The 11/22kV HT LBS is suitable to use in indoor & outdoor applications. The Load Break switches can be used for the switching ON & OFF of Transformers & IN & OUT operations.


* We have 11kv/22kv LOAD BREAK SWITCH. Its voltage is an in-between range of 12 kV to 24 kV.

* Frequencies of 11kv/22kv are 50 Hz for both the LBS.

* These LBS are suitable for the current of 630 A.

Dimensions of 11kv/22kv HT LOAD BREAK SWITCH:


  1. 11KV – 800*700*1675
  2. 22KV – 1450*1050*2375

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