Manufacturing Capabilities

manf Manufacturing Capabilities

Imported Extrusion Press of 50 tons attached with imported run-out table and handling equipment’s.

Domestic Extrusion Press of 30 Tons container with all allied facilities.

Domestic Extrusion Press of 10 Tons container with all allied facilities.

Cutting Shearing Machine are available for the cutting the sheets.

Bending Machine are available for giving the shapes

Welding Machine (CO2, ARC Welding.)


The plant is equipped with Hot Top casting machine and homogenizing furnace with integrated technology for manufacturing and homogenizing the billets.


The services are provided for designing and recommendation of extrusion profiles to suit customers exact requirements with quick reciprocation.

Advanced Computer aided Designing (ACAD) software is used to achieve inevitable high precision in design and production

Follow standard procedure to analyze and review designs from end use point of view.

m3 Manufacturing Capabilities
m2 Manufacturing Capabilities
m Manufacturing Capabilities
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