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Founded by Mrs. Sushma Rajendra Narayanpure in the year 2005, Shree Engineering has been meeting the customers expectations and continuously trying to satisfy its customers with supply of quality products at a competitive price. This has been achieved by having thorough understanding of the customer requirements, adhering the process parameters and making sure of timely response to customer.

Management has taken strategic decisions to implement quality management systems by getting ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008) for enhancing the customer satisfaction.

Asian Sun Power has been established in the year 2008 under Shree Engineering. Asian Sun Power has a dedicated team for trading Electrical Goods for Industrial clients as well as  for Domestic Clients.

Shree Power Control has been manufacturing Bricks and Paver Blocks since 2008 for clients in and around Pune. With variety of experience from the field of Electrical, Construction, Trading, Manufacturing and Consultation, Shree Engineering has delivered many projects which have been very successful and flawless.

We incorporated our company with various researched processes and thus the products that we develop are having very high efficiencies and safety measures. The knowledge and technologies appropriate to requirements has been studied at Shree Engineering, which was possible with the expert consultation from the field of Electricity. Team and Management is thus Qualified and experienced to Supervise the turnkey projects. Following continual improvements is the best way to meet updated needs and requirements of clients.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish Shree Engineering as the leading and most preferred electrical engineering company, while focusing on electrical project execution, through innovative, cost effective engineering solutions and services of international standards to the customer.

Our Mission

  • To attain Global practices and become a world class organisation
  • To achieve excellence in Quality, Service, Reliability & Safety
  • To work with vigour, dedication, and innovation with total customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.
  • To consistently achieve high growth with highest level of quality and services.
  • To be a technology driven, efficient and efficiently sound organisation.
  • To promote a work culture that fosters individual growth, team spirit, and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals.
  • To uphold the guiding principal of trust, integrity and transparency in all aspects of interaction and dealings.
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