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Shree Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified company. Established in the year 2005 by Mr. Rajendra Mahadev Narayanpure with projects to manufacture sophisticated Feeder Pillar and Control Panel for a wide range of electrical goods. We have a manufacturing capacity of 11300 Feeder Pillars per annum. We have given more than 13 years of dedicated service to the customers and have earned the trust as a reliable manufacturer of electrical panels, quality electrical goods with add-on benefits of timely supply and economical pricing. Our office is located at Warkhade Nagar, Katraj, Pune and factory is at Mangadewadi, Pune. Out of the variety of products that we manufacture, Distribution box are major one.

Power distribution is a system that consists of a Main Distribution Board (MDS), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB) and Final Distribution Boards by which electrical energy is transmitted to reach the exact end user. A distribution board (DB) is where the electrical supply is distributed from within the building. The main supply cable comes into the board and is then distributed to the breakers and from there to all the circuits. It usually houses all the contact breakers, earth leakage unit and may house items such as a door bell transformer and timers. Various sizes of distribution boards are available. Various types of distribution boards are available; as surface mounted, flush mounted or floor standing; with closing doors or see through plastic covers etc. This distribution board must be suitable for environmental conditions in which it operates. Also, these distribution boards should be protected against corrosion.

We have the following kind of Distribution boxes: LT Distribution Box with Kitkat 63/100/200 kVA and LT Distribution Box 63/100/200 kVA. Our manufacturing capabilities include Sheet Metal Fabrication, Powder Coating Unit, Bus Bar Section, Testing Machines and Energy Generation. Our component manufacturing capabilities include Moulding Section, Press Shop, Plating Section, Printing Unit and Tool Room.

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 Distribution Box

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